February 8, 2016

Branding And Media Strategy

Why Branding

  • To create goodwill of the client and position him amongst the best in his segment.
  • To create his own niche amongst many.
  • And make his name synonymous with the best in their chosen field.


Branding Requires…

  • Perception study of the client.
  • Create a plan for positive public perception
  • Influencing the decision-maker’s choice.
  • Create invaluable goodwill.
  • Achieving organisation objectives by winning support of its target audience.

The Process Begins By

  • Learning the position of the person\company.
  • Understanding the short term and long term objectives.
  • Position the same after identifying the target audience.
  • Formulate a strategy to compliment the marketing plan.
  • Create a desirable image.

Marketing and Brand Strategy

  • Assist and creating media visibility of the client.
  • Strengthen and sustain the brand awareness.
  • Manage or reduce the negative perception, if any.
  • Create an overall desirable corporate, social and professional image
  • Carving a niche ultimately as emerging brand.
  • Positioning to achieve brand status & work towards sustaining it.


Our Approach

  • Sustained, integrated approach in building a brand, and a corporate image, which markets the objectives of the client
  • Enhancing individual image of client, in tandem with the company’s corporate status.
  • A well-researched plan with a back up strategy.
  • Proactive competition tracking and industry reporting.

What’s Different

  • Fusion of marketing mix and PLC.
  • We promote an individual, company or a brand as a product.
  • Study the position in the target audience.
  • Study the position of product/services in the target market.
  • Learn the short and long term objectives.
  • Initiate a plan that compliments it, position the views, achievements through mass media by strategic media advise.
  • Achieve an image, create a ‘Brand’.


  • “We create a brand out of a person, an organization, an initiative – draw on the strengths and cover the weaknesses, and target the media campaign according to the core competency, vision & focus on the areas that can draw attention.”
  • Not mere being a part of the news but creating a strategy to create news worthiness where, “You become the News”.
  • The plan includes suggesting what issues can be addressed, focus on the forte while building image.